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Erectile Dysfunction & Treatments

Doesn't it happen to every man as they get older? Erectile dysfunction, or simply "ED", is a poorly treated health condition that affects millions of men. Contrary to popular belief, ED is not something you have to just live with. It is a very treatable condition with many different causes. 

At Black Tie Health, our ED treatment regimen is the most comprehensive program available. Our methods are well-researched and carefully structured to make erectile function the best it can be. 

Facts About Erectile Dysfunction

  • 80% of men with erectile dysfunction are overweight or obese.

  • About 25% of men under 40 have erectile dysfunction.

  • By the age of 40, an estimated 40% of men suffer from ED.

  • By the age of 70, an estimated 70% of men suffer from ED.

  • 35-75% of men with type 2 diabetes will develop erectile dysfunction

  • Men with erectile dysfunction are twice as likely to have a  heart attack.

  • Despite being treatable, only 25% of men with erectile dysfunction receive treatment.

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Erectile Dysfunction

You're at the point where you're frustrated. The worst part is that after you had difficulty in the bedroom that one time, you think about it leading up to every potential sexual encounter. That began what seems to be the never-ending cycle of erectile dysfunction. Regardless of what you tried, nothing has seemed to work.

Most men (and some women) try and become detectives in searching for the cause of erectile dysfunction. The truth is rarely is there only one cause. It is usually the result of multiple contributors. As a result, there is no one silver bullet treatment for erectile dysfunction. However, you can maximize improvement by addressing all potential issues.

The Basics of Erectile Function

Erections are a function of blood flow. As long as there is enough blood flowing to the penis, erections are possible. The penis is supplied with blood by the dorsal penile arteries as shown on the diagrams below. There is an artery for the right side of the penis and one for the left side. Once the blood is inside the penis it must remain there. Think of it as filling a balloon with air. If you don't keep the air inside the balloon, it will not remain inflated. Likewise, the penis is naturally designed to keep the blood inside the penis by the tissues putting pressure on the veins.