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Meet the doctor.

Dr. Jeremias R. Duarte is a fully-licensed Doctor of Osteopathic medicine. He currently holds an unrestricted license to practice medicine and surgery in the State of Georgia. 


"I take pride in being different from other doctors. Jaded by their experience, many other physicians have developed a habit of just writing prescriptions all day long. Don't get me wrong, I believe in medications, especially in acute situations. However, I believe in first trying to maximize benefit to my patients by giving them the information they need to better their health."

- Dr. Jeremias R. Duarte

About the "Doc"

Dr. Jeremias R. Duarte was born and raised in Columbus, Georgia. 

His medical career began in the U.S. Army when he enlisted to serve as a combat medic. During his tenure in the military, Dr. Duarte has received over 15 awards and decorations, as well as being named battalion NCO of the Year while enlisted.  His service has included a deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, as well as tours of duty in the Republic of Georgia and Vicenza, Italy. 

Dr. Duarte graduated magna cum laude from Columbus State University with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science and a minor in Business.  After working for 2 years as a software developer, Dr. Duarte decided to pursue a full-time career in healthcare.  He received his medical degree from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.  Dr. Duarte completed his internship at Hackensack Meridian Health, Palisades Medical Center, in New Jersey. 

He became interested in regenerative medicine after becoming irritated with the current standard of medical treatment driven by the insurance companies and pharmaceutical interests. In 2022, Dr. Duarte decided to open up his own practice, giving him the freedom and time to return to his original motivation to pursue medicine. He prides himself in listening and working with patients to determine a better course of treatment than merely taking more medications or "just living with it".

Dr. Duarte continues his military service as a commissioned officer and physician as a member of the Georgia Army National Guard.  

He spends his free time enjoying the company of his family - his wife, Alexandrea, his daughter, Chloe, and their feline roommate, Trixie.



‪(404) 490-3391‬


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